Product Review – Smart Bacon!

I bought myself some Smart Bacon to try. I also have been saving (for some bizzare reason) a tub of tofutti cream cheese. I wanted to make something yummy (spice cake with cream cheese frosting or maybe cinnamon rolls I’ve been craving) and just never actually made anything…so I busted it open, smeared it on a tortilla, added cooked smart bacon and some sauted mushrooms. And viola…instant yummy food. It rocked. The cream cheese tastes just like I remember cream cheese tasting like and I might sit down and eat the entire tub. But now, I really want to make some frosting or something with it…and cookies. Hmmm…



  1. Rach-ums said

    I've been so scared of that Smart Bacon! Now that I know it's good I'll have to pick some up next time it's on sale.The cream cheez IS good isn't it? Frosting would be awesome or another thing I've done with it is mix in some nooch, s&p, garlic powder, and italian seasoning and spread it on a sandwich chock full o' veggies.

  2. MTB Vegan said

    I like your idea about making it a spread…I might try that tonight! Smart Bacon is pretty tastey. It kind of has a smokey taste but not too strong, it does remind me of bacon (or at least my memory of bacon), but not overly bacon like. It adds a nice flavor to a wrap and I bet it’d be good with a black bean burger!

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