Travel – Chicago

This weekend I headed to Chicago to stay at Ray’s Bucktown B&B.

Dinner was awesome…at the Chicago Dinner. I opted for the Sourdough Sammy with Sweet Potatoes Fries. And who can resist a slice of Cocoa Pumpkin Spice Mouse Cake…Not me!

Sunday’s breakfast at the B&B was great. They made me a special tofu scrabble, and the chef of the day was vegan too, he brought in his homemade setain! It rocked. I also enjoy breakfast with a fruit plate, some green tea, and tried out some mango preserves on my wheat toast. It was great. If your vegan and headed to Chicago, I’d crash at Rays Bucktown B&B. I plan to go again! I stayed in the “Skylight” room and it’s a nice room, but if you aren’t an early morning person pick a different room. Around 7 in the morning I could smell breakfast and hear people talking. This room is right above the kitchen. But that wasn’t a huge problem for me, I’m a very early morning person.



  1. vegannurse said

    I LOVE the Chicago Diner.. I frequently chow down there.It’s the best! The Red Ravioli is AMAZING!Glad to see you’re enjoying Chi Town.. how long will you be there?

  2. Nicole ( said

    Congratulations 😀 All the food looks incredible!

  3. mtbVegan said

    I was only in Chicago for the night/day. But I live in Milwaukee, so I’m not too far away. I want to go back and try more of the food at the Chicago Diner, it was so hard to choose one thing!

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