Saturday – The Vegan meetup

For lunch is was off to my first Vegan Meetup…at the Taj Mahal, it was awesome. about 20 people showed up, mostly vegans, some vegetarians. I got to chat with several people and had a great time. The food, of course, rocked my world. I had my first plate from the buffet(which they made a special mostly vegan buffet for us) was basmati rice, Channa Masala (Chick Peas with onions and tomatoes), Aloo Tikki (diced potatoes and curried veggies), Vegetable Biryani, and I’m pretty sure the last thing was called Onion Kulcha (is was rice flour bread with curried onions in it, it was tasty to say the least.

On my second plate I got a Samosa (turnover stuffed with potatoes and veggies), more Channa Masala and another Onion Kulcha. The meetup was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one.



  1. Janet said

    mmm you’ve inspired me to make waffles for breakfast today. And hooray for samosas, another one of my fave foods!!!

  2. mtbVegan said

    I know, I am now craving the samosas. I think I need to plan a trip back there asap!I hope your waffles were awesome today too. Waffles rule.

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