Travel – Chicago

Last weekend I went to visit my mother along with my sister after the passing of our Mormor (grandma). The Sister flew into Chicago, so we stopped at Veggie Bite for lunch! It was my first time at Veggie Bite and I must say…I can’t wait to go back.
Here is The Sister eagerly awaiting her vegan goodness….She was impressed the the entire place is vegan…even the “cheese burger”!
The Sister got the Fijati Wrap…it was huge and sounded so good….my watering…
Here she is wishing I’d stop it with the camera already and let her enjoy her lunch! She did let me have a bite, it rocked. She also said after 2 bites, that this was awesome, and she woouldn’t share it with anyone. Yep, she likes the vegan food.
I got Buffalo Wingz…the sauce was really good. The Sister even liked these…We should have gotten fries though, these would have been yummy with fries.
For dessert I stopped by Whole Foods in Milwaukee to pick up some Chicago Diner cookies (The Sister loved her cookie!)

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  1. […] on rye. This sandwich rocked, sauce was tasty, combo was fantastic. The BF got the same thing my sister did back in the day…the Fajita Wrap. He also fell in love with it like The Sister did. (dude, it’s a great wrap!) […]

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