My Good Eats

Ever wonder what a Vegan Mountain Bike Racer eats on race weekends?? Well…I raced last weekend and here it is….

First here’s my new car Lola and one of my bikes….

And the tent I managed to put up all by myself! I’m not handy at all and this made me proud.

For dinner I had bought some heirloom tomatoes to dice up for some “sauce”

Mixed the diced tomatoes with some Gimme Lean Ground “Beef”, tossed with whole wheat pasta shells and a nice cibatta roll on the side….nice carb loading meal.
Race day breakfast was a bowl of organic old fashion oats with some brown sugar and a banana. Normally I cook the oatmeal with rice milk, but I forgot it at home, so this was just with water (must rememebr rice milk next time!).I also eat a ton of snacks on race weekends – some Kashi Cereals, Granola, tons of fruits, PB&J, etc. Gotta get fueled up and recover properly for those races!

Other foods from the past week include a tortilla “pizza” with Teese….I love my teese…

Lunch of some 365 Organic Asparagus Stir Fry veggies, added some edamame, side of couscous and some 365 Soy Ginger Sauce.Another yummy lunch was rice with soy baked tofu, spinach, and a sweet potato


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