Travel – Chicago

The weekend with the Dad was awesome. I headed out to chicago via Amtrak on Friday afternoon (for another post about my trip go to my biking blog, it’s different from this one…promise!). Once there we hopped the El to our hotel…quickly changed and on our way to the Chicago Diner for dinner. Dad went vegan for the weekend and I had a blast picking out all our meals. For dinner we sampled one dish from the seasonal menu, the Vegan Tamales and then the Jerk Chicken Wrap from the regular menu. Both were incredible.

Dad even said the Chicken Wrap was one of the best he’s ever had (and yes, he’s counting the real chicken wraps he’s eaten in this statement…so ha! Vegan chicken wrap wins!!!).

For dessert we split a cookies and cream cake slice. The cake rocked, it was like eating a big chocolate chip cookie.

After dinner we wandered back down to Whole Foods to get some snacks…I found some Meatless Jerky, which I plan to try on race weekends so I get more protein in….I’ll let you know how that goes. The we headed to the hotel and crashed for the night.

The next morning we woke up, realized the cubs game was at 3:10pm and not at 1:10pm like the schedule said many months ago when we bought our tickets. Good thing we checked. I woke up and felt like running…post early morning thunder storm. I enjoy a nice early morning run right after the rain. Then we headed to Pick Me Up Cafe for breakfast. We split the Tofu Scramble and the most amazing French Toast of my life.

I’m still dreaming of it. I also had several wonderful cups of coffee to help perk myself up.

After the huge breakfast we went shopping. It was awesome. The best part is that my dad loves shopping as much as I do. We’re both in the Fashion Retail business and so when we get to shopping mecca’s we go crazy, in and out of all the stores…seeing the latest trends, etc. After the shopping trip was over we got ready for the game.

Once in Wrigleyville we bought our cubs gear, headed to Goose Island for beer, then to the game! More beer, Peanuts, Hot Dog (for the Dad), and of course loads of fun were had at the game. The best part was that I was sitting next to a group of four women…who had been drinking a lot…and so had I actually…but they had one of the disposable film cameras and got someone to take a group picture of them sitting together. My dad told me to lean in and get in the picture. So I did…and evryone else in the row was cracking up because these women had no idea I just joined into their group picture. I wish I could see their faces when the devolpe the film! Another bright spot was that the Cubs won the game that day too!

After the game we made our way to Handlebar Cafe. The only problem in getting to Handlebar was that the Blue Line El was shut down from downtown to the stop we wanted…so we took the shuttle bus and it was insane. But, we made it. We opted to order just and app and one dish to share…good thing too, it was huge! We got Chips and Salsa, and then the Grilled Tofu Sandwich with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Friend Plantains.

It was so good…vegan heaven over the weekend I swear! The service was a bit slow at Handlebar, but otherwise the whole experience was great. After Handlebar we walked back to North Ave and Milwaukee Ave to go to iCream. This place was awesome. You can make your own ice cream creation and they freeze it for you. Talk about custom Ice Cream. I got a Soy Cinnamon Vanilla with Vegan Chocolate Chips and Blackberries. Oh My Goodness…I’m drooling just writing about it! Awesome!!!

We were both exhausted after the long day so we slept well Saturday night. Sunday we woke up and headed to church, got checked out of the hotel and then decided to eat breakfast at the Chicago Diner this time.

We got the Biscuits and Gravy with Setein Sausage and the Tofu Scramble. I had my usually coffee to perk me up and we enjoyed eating breakfast outside on the patio. It was quite the beautiful morning!

After breakfast we went back down to shop the Magnificent Mile and were popping in and out of stores along the walk. Stopped by an Art Festival to check out some neat artwork too. Then it was time to head home on Amtrak…my train was so flippin’ cold too…I was frozen by the time I got ho MKE, but thank goodness Milwaukee was warm!

The weekend was great and I always love hanging out with my Dad…can’t wait to do it again!

For more pictures check out my flickr account.


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