MKE – Comet Cafe

Last night I pedaled down to one of my favorite places to eat…Comet Cafe. They offer a ton of vegan options yet I always get the exact same thing. Maybe because it’s so flippin’ good or maybe because it’s so good I’m afraid everything else will be a let down compared to it. At any rate I promise, next time, I’ll get something different! But one thing is for sure dinner rocked and so did the company.

Now, on to the pictures!

Vegan Gyro with fries, and a New Glarus Totally Naked Beer
And then for dessert they had three pie choices…Blueberry, Apple, and some berry something or another (yeah, didn’t get that one did I?), after a lengthy debate we settled on blueberry pie. It was quite a nice slice of pie and I have never had blueberry pie before…I see more of it in my future! Maybe I’ll bake one…hmmm…
The other awesome thing about Comet Cafe is they have a huge beer list. It took me at least ten minutes to finally pick one, only to change my mind a few times while waiting for the server to come back. I guess this means I should go back soon so I can keep my word and eat something other than the Gyro and get myself a different beer…

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  1. […] combo too by the way. I did not try The Dad’s Gyro (I have a soft spot for the Comet Cafe version) Anyway, the Reuben here was incredible! I heart marble […]

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