Travel – MKE – Stonefly

On Wednesday The BF & I hit up Stonefly Brewing Co. for dinner. We got a cup of the soup of the day…a spicy sweet potato soup and then I had the Stonefly burger with fries.

After wards we stopped by the Co-Op for dessert…I had a Pecan Shortbread Cookie and The BF got a Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin.

Saturday we went to one of our favorite breakfast places…Riverwest Co-op. We chowed down on the banana pancakes and the tofu ranchero. Both were awesome, as usual. I’m totally addicted to the banana pancakes at the Co-op, super yummy, full of flavor, and the banana slices are incredible!

Sunday we hit up Comet Cafe. This was my first time there for breakfast and had trouble picking something to try. I opted for the a la cart menu and picked tofu scramble and a vegan pancake. No one thought I could finish the pancake…but I did. Although I do have to say, I like the Co-ops pancakes more, the scramble at Comet was pretty good too…I think it had bread crumbs in it….awesome. I also had a Booze-a-Latte (Espresso Vodka, Brandy, Kahlua, Soy Creamer, and Coffee over ice)…oh my goodness, was this drink STRONG!

I was totally stuffed from breakfast and didn’t eat until dinner…when we went back to Comet Cafe and I got The Big Rig (Vegan BBQ Rib sandwich) with fries.

-Then for dessert I had the Apple-Cran Pie. Pretty good stuff!


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