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I’m behind in my eating out updates….so here’s some from the past month or so…

Here’s the biscuits & gravy from the Riverwest Co-Op. Still searching for the right gravy combo though. Bummer, it always seems to be mushroom gravy! It was good, but just not what I wanted. We also had the tofu scramble, with hash-browns, vegan sausage, and toast!

After Church on Sunday my friend Chris and I went to Alterra Coffee for breakfast. Normally (okay, always) I get the baked oatmeal. This time I stepped out of the box and had the Lousiana Spicy Tofu Hash Wrap. It was goof but, I missed the oatmeal.

There’s this great Thai restaurant (The King & I) by my old office and The BF & I went there for lunch. I got the Vegetable Curry…awesome as usual. Although, next time I’m going to get it more spicy!

More of my quest for some awesome Vegan Biscuits & Gravy failed again, this time at Comet Cafe…although this one was the best of the bunch so far, with really the only problem being the wrong gravy. I thought the biscuits at Comet Cafe were incredible.

I also had this fancy drink with breakfast, it’s called the Sconnie-mosa. It mixes Cranberry Wine, Champagne, and OJ. I’m normally not a fan of Mimosa’s, but this new twist on the beverage sure makes me want to drink more of them!

About 2 weeks ago we were in Madison for a Bike Swap and stopped at the Glass Nickel to chow down on some awesome vegan pizza. If you’re ever in the area, The Glass Nickel has just about the best pizza around.

Last weekend we headed to Cafe Hollander for dinner. They have amazing Frites and Curry Ketchup. I also had a bowl of the vegan black bean chili…then I turned it into chili fries, because that’s always better!

I was craving dessert after the trip to Cafe Hollander, so we stopped by my favorite place, Riverwest Co-op and I scored this apple cake. It was damn good!


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  1. Kimberly said

    These are some great sounding places to visit and eat! I am a vegetarian, but I think being a vegan is great. You might want to try Gregory Paul’s, a fantastic new restaurant in Jax Beach, FL, if you are ever in the area. They are super nice, and they have healthy stuff for vegans and vegetarians as well. Their menu changes everyday, which I think is pretty cool(: Have fun food hunting!! Well, only not really hunting, I guess that was an inappropriate phrase, lol(:

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