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Beans & Barley’s – Pancakes with Peach Compote & Maple Syrup

Per usual, B&B offers up awesome breakfast. I am disappointed that their pancake special (ginger cakes) was not actually vegan…I’m bummed because I’m sure the peach compote was would be awesome on some ginger cakes. But, I had to settle for it over regular vegan hot cakes. Still good, still love the B&B, but why not make the pancake special Vegan?? no one will know and you’ll make my day!

And another failure when it comes to Vegan Biscuits & Gravy, this time at The Palomino. Although this rocked, it wasn’t true biscuits & gravy. A white gravy yes, but more of a sweet onion gravy, served over a really good biscuit and tater tots. Tasty, but not right

I plan to go back to The Palomino…they had several vegan breakfast’s that sound pretty darn amazing. So I’ll be back for those. But for now…no place in MKE has true vegan biscuits & gravy. Bummer.

In another food failure I went to Stonefly Brewery and I will never ever go back there again. The food is good mind you but the service has always been slow. This time was no exception…only worse. We ordered, I asked for one of the house made beers on tap…they were out, and they were out of the second choice I had asked for. Then I went to the wine list…also out of all but 2 options on the 10 item list. Then we waited…and waited…and wait for our food. After an hour, we got up and left. Hungry. No waitress to be found. So, although I’m all for supporting local establishments, I will not be going here again…and neither should you!


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