Vegan in mtbVegan world…

I’ve been vegan now for over 2 years and I have to say I’ve experienced a wide variety of responses to my veganism. I wanted to share some of the good and some of the not so good aspects in my vegan life and I also wanted to vent a little…

First, let’s start with the awesome. I have to say that my Dad and Sister are by far the most supportive people of my choice to be vegan. My Dad always goes vegan when I visit, not because I ask him, because he wants to. This gives me the opportunity to cook him loads of vegan food or to plan out all the vegan places we will eat.  He enjoys being vegan with me and has always loved the food I pick out. My sister, and her husband, are also both willing to eat vegan with me. The Sister came to visit and she tried loads of vegan options and she liked most of them. Still, she’s always willing to eat vegan for me and at least try something new. When I went to visit her last time she ever stocked her kitchen with some of my fav vegan items…without my even asking, they were just there waiting for me! My sister also has my back, she knows how disgusted I am when I see people eating meat in (what I tend to call) “full form” (think thanksgiving day turkey, muscles, anything with bones in it, etc) and she never eats or cooks anything like this when I’m near.

Everyone else in the family can get lumped together in the “just don’t make it difficult for me” group. It’s sort of morphed into this awful thing. I had family that used to ask  me what they could make for me and now I don’t get asked, and if I request something I get ignored completely. I tried for a while to bring things to cook and in any attempt to use something outside of the microwave I got those annoyed looks and the huff and puffing of irritation. Lately, even my using the microwave has become a bother. Whats more is that they don’t realize how difficult they’re making it on me. Often my family “jokes” with me about my veganism, I’ve had bacon waved in my face, been harassed at breakfasts out to the point of tears, eyes rolled as one family member shouts to the waitress…”she’s vegan” when I was just saying I don’t want milk with my breakfast.

My friends are a wide range of characters. Some are almost vegan, other are so “meat & potatoes” its a wonder we can be friends. Some often request that I cook for them, but are not willing to buy some of the items needed to do the cooking. It’s almost as if they think since it’s vegan and I’m cooking I must purchase everything, every time, even if they eat way more than I do. I’m always willing to cook, but sometimes a girl wants some help….and sometimes, a girl wants someone to cook for her. I’ve had a few friends prepare vegan dishes for me…and they rocked and we’re much appreciated (reciprocated with vegan desserts)! It’s nice to know that some people read the labels and find vegan eats in their kitchen just for me.

But I do have to say that the Dad, The Sister, and The Brother-in-Law are my best allies. I love you guys so very much!


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  1. conradvisionquest said

    that’s so great that you have that support in your family. i haven’t even “come out” to my parents yet and will wait until the last possible minute to do so, although they have been cool with my toying with being a vegetarian over the years. my husband and i are both having interesting reactions to our not eating meat, simply by just being present.
    anyhoo, off to explore your blog!

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