Vegan Meetup – Comet Cafe

I’ve missed several MKE Vegan Meetups this past year, they always seem to fall on WORS Races or some other bike related event. So this past weekend I had a chance to join in on the Sunday vegan dinner meetup at Comet Cafe. I’ve had all but 3 dishes on the menu I think and this weekend I opted for the Open Faced “Meatloaf” Sandwich. It was incredible. I chose this sandwich since one of my fellow vegan friends said her bf loved it. I can see why!

Comet Cafe - Open Faced "Meatloaf" SandwichI also enjoyed a Booze-a-Latte with my meal. It’s a pretty awesome coffee drink.


The sandwich helped fill the void from my 35mi windy ride on sunday. So I managed to eat the entire sandwich.


And even though I ate all that, when our waitress returned to tell us about the FRESH vegan bakery items they were just unloading….I had to say yes. I got the most amazing Banana Cupcake I’ve ever had. What a great treat!

Comet Cafe - Banana Cupcake

I made a few new friends at the event and we’re planning to get together for dinner in the near future. I can’t wait!



  1. Ashlei said

    That definitely looks like an amazing cupcake 😉

  2. […] be on it rather than the commuter. It was a great ride and I burned enough calories to earn myself this awesome dinner at Comet Cafe. After the meetup I headed home to rest, I was completely exhausted from my over 140 […]

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