Product Review – Pure NRG Bars – I won giveaway from I Eat Trees

Two weeks ago I won the Pure NRG Bars giveaway from I Eat Trees. I was so excited because these bars looked amazing and now I can say they are amazing too! Keri had suggested putting the bars in the freezer and eating them that way. I’ve had tired the bars three ways, right out the freezer (Blueberry), slightly thawed (Cherry Almond), and room temp (Carob Peanut Butter). All were still good, but frozen provided the best texture. The bars get more crumbly the warmer they are. But, their good no matter what!



  1. So glad you liked them! 🙂 Frozen is my favorite as well, otherwise I end up making a mess!

    • mtbvegan said

      I know, I so agree with you on that. They were tasty and I plan to buy more!

  2. cmb0096 said

    I am so jealous, lol! I have entered every single blog give-away I see on the blogs I read, and NEVER won anything! I swear I have to get lucky eventually, right?! I have never heard of those bars before–I will have to check out the link. I am glad you are enjoying them!


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