Vegan Meetup

On Saturday it was time for the monthly Vegan Meetup. This month took us to Classic Slice. They boast 3 purely vegan creations or you can customize your own vegan pizza. I opted for the Anne Curry, yes it was incredible! I love curry and this pizza did not disappoint. The dough is wonderfully chewy and the curry sauce went well with it. Tofu, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, and tomatoes rounded out the pizza.

I love the Vegan Meetup because its a chance to hang out with others who hold similar views as I do with regard to animal consumption. It’s wonderful to spend an afternoon with people and be able to eat the way I like without the snarky side comments I get from some of my omnivore friends.

The other splendid facet of the Meetup was one of the new members, who also happens to be a cyclist! I was stoked to finally meet Luke (as we’ve chatted via e-mail regarding bike routes), but we had a great talk about MKE & the vegan lifestyle. We eventually pedaled to Riverwest Co-op in search of vegan desserts…we scored big time with a cheesecake torte, topped with sliced almonds & fruity glaze. It was really tasty. I love that at the Co-op its not a set dessert menu, always changing based on what the volunteers make, I have yet to be disappointed.

So the Meetup was a success & if you have not been to Classic Slice, what are you waiting for?





  1. conradvisionquest said

    that looks awesome! we don’t have a vegan meetup close enough to where i live, and if we weren’t leaving i would start my own.

  2. Luke said

    Awwww chucks…the pleasure was all mine. Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. There will be many more random dessert diversions. Did I tell you that dessert is my middle name. Love the blog!

  3. […] my friend Luke & I went to dinner at Cafe Manna in Brookfield, WI. As you might remember from a prior mentioning; Luke is newly vegan, as well as a new MKE resident with the added bonus of being a cyclist. […]

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