Travel – MKE – Cafe Manna

On Friday my friend Luke & I went to dinner at Cafe Manna in Brookfield, WI. As you might remember from a prior mentioning; Luke is newly vegan, as well as a new MKE resident with the added bonus of being a cyclist. I’m doing my part to make sure he find the vegan awesomeness that is in MKE as well as enjoys some quality time on the bike. In keeping with that theme we headed to Cafe Manna in search of incredible food. I found mine in the Manna Lentil Burger and a side of roasted Brussels Sprouts (read: my fav veggie). The burger rocked, with a nice blend of garlic, ginger, nutmeg and allspice, but the kicker was how it came topped with Jamaican spiced aioli. All served up on caraway rye bread…yeah, I’m into rye bread lately.


For dessert I got the Banana Cream Pie, it’s a raw creation and was also incredible. It was bananas blended
with agave nectar and a little coconut all topped off with cashew cream. I wanted to lick the plate clean.


And lets not forget what aweosme dishes Luke got, the Shepherds’ Garden Pie, which was blend of fresh vegetables and
mushrooms in a tamari gravy, topped off with the most important piece of a Shepherds pie garlic mashed potatoes.

For dessert he scored the Chocolate Bombe (and he let me try a bite) melt in your mouth amazing!  It was a chocolate “cheesecake” over a layer of chocolate cake then covered by a dark chocolate shell. Served over an mouth watering caramel sauce. Yes, my mouth is watering all over again!

Pictures of Luke’s food were shamelessly stolen from his Facebook page (thanks Luke!)

We’re also busy plotting our next vegan outing…can’t wait!


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