Travel – Chicago – Chicago Diner

I moved to Chicago & that means I went to The Chicago Diner one too many times. Wait, is that possible? My Dad and I went after he got in town and we had the Enchilada Breakfast Bowl (it was a special) and it was wonderful.
imageWe also got pancakes to go with it. Equally as wonderful.
imageThe to top it all off we both got vegan shakes. I had the Vanilla Chai (left) and my Dad has the Blueberry (Right).
imageSaturday after moving everything in we ( my Dad, me, and The BF) all went.The BF had the Country Fried “Steak” and “Eggs”, which was really tasty.
imageMy Dad opted for the Hot Wingz and Mac n Cheez
imageWhile I had the California Reuben with Sweet Potato Fries. Wow, was this dish incredible.
imageAnd you can’t go to the diner without getting a dessert, so I scored a Chocolate Banana Coffee Shake. This baby helped me get my temporary apartment organized. Rockin’ good shake!


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