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On Friday my friend Chris came into town for a visit and I took him to the Chicago Diner, since that’s what you do in Chicago when friends come to visit for the first time. While we were sitting waiting for our goodies to arrive the coolest thing happened. A women on her way out the restaurant stopped at our table and asked if I was, well me. I said yes and then she told me she was a big fan of my blog and was at the Diner because of the reviews she’s seen on my blog. Seriously, that made my day…heck, my week! So again, thanks Liz for your wonderful compliment, I hope you had a great time in Chicago and that you enjoyed the food at the Diner – what did you get??

Now, on to the food! I started with the Vanilla Chai Shake (since I rode my bike 40miles + home from the office, I deserved it)


For my meal I got the Sweet Potato Quesadilla’s with Vegan Cheddar Cheese. I really enjoyed this dish and like the meltiness of the diya cheese. Yum!


imageChris opted for the Avocado Tostada’s which another friend of mine has also enjoyed before and he seemed quite pleased with his choice. I haven’t had this dish yet, but it sure does look amazing!



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