VOTC – Smoky Tempeh with Cabbage & Potatoes

In my love for cooking and cookbooks I bought Vegan on the Cheap (VOTC). First because the recipes I thumbed through at first glance sounded amazing. And second because each recipe is cheap per serving. Since moving to a larger and more expensive city I’m trying to save money. I’ve been cooking a ton and freezing for my lunch and spent some time picking recipes, menu planning, and enjoying my time cooking. The first recipe I tackled was the Smoky Tempeh with Cabbage and Potatoes. The smoky tempeh was incredible and I plan to make it again…it’ll go great with almost anything and the recipe is actually separate from this dish so it’s a stand alone protein recipe. Awesome! The cabbage and potatoes were great with this tempeh preparation as well. It makes a wonderful lunch time or dinner time option.




  1. Courtney said

    I have been eying Vegan on the Cheap too…would you say it is worth the money? I am super frugal (but I have to be!), so parting money for a new cookbook is hard for me… 🙂 But I love cookbooks! Are you satisfied so far?


  2. mtbvegan said

    I think it’s totally worth it. I have a list of recipes I want to make and have taken ideas from a few recipes, swapping out ingredients, to use up what I have on hand.

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