Travel – CHI – Chicago Diner

For breakfast on the Saturday of my move we went to the Chicago Diner. The BF was a bit disappointed that you didn’t get a crazy pile of french toast with a meal, so he even got a side of french toast with his French Toast Platter. The BF is a much bigger fan of the breakfast at Pick Me Up Cafe (read: large portions of french toast or pancakes). I’m a big fan of the Diner because I like not having to order both scramble & the pancakes/french toast…it all comes in one platter. Anyway, he still enjoyed his breakfast and thought it was all tasty!


I stepped out of the box and got the Monte Cristo Sandwich. French Toast, with Vegan Ham, Diya Cheese, Creole Mustard, side of breakfast potatoes. Per my servers suggestion I also tried the sandwich with some fruit jam. It was awesome with both. By the way, the potatoes were rockin’ the the Creole Mustard as well.

Oh…and I got a cinnamon roll to go for a snack later. Devoured it before getting a picture…it was so good!


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