Travel – CHI – Pick Me Up Cafe

Pick Me Up Cafe…not just for breakfast! After a LONG weekend of moving into my condo we headed to Pick Me Up Cafe for food. Although I could have just gotten breakfast and called it a night, we opted for the other side of the menu. First things first…vodka cranberry

imageThe the Moo Free pizza (wow, so good!) we both were fighting over who got the last slice. Awesome pizza! Totally enough for one person for a meal, thin crust, great flavor, just tasty!
imageThen the vegan jalapeno poppers…stuffed with a tofu/cheeze mixture. Pretty good, but I’m just not a fan of poppers apparently. The BF enjoyed them, but said they were huge compared to the cheese version’s he used to eat.
imageThen, probably the best part of the meal…Chili CHeeze Fries. Oh yes, my mouth was happy and I quite literally licked the plate clean. So freaking good. I plan to get this again (and again!)
imageWe ate well…
image“Dessert” was some Rum Punch…frozen strawberries instead of ice, tasty!


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