Travel – CHI – Chicago Diner, I love you!

No really, I am madly and completely in love with the Chicago Diner (shh…don’t tell the BF). Pre Cubs game The Dad and I hit up the diner for breakfast. Upon our order I was sadly informed there was no more diaya mozzarella. I almost cried, but quickly went with the flow and switch to something else. Lucky us (read: me) our lovely server (I should learn her name too, because anytime I go for breakfast she is my server and she is fantastic (ha! Thought I’d say awesome again didn’t you!)). She also has some rad tattoo’s I oh so admire. Anyway, she comes over to inform us that the mozzarella has arrived! Quickly changing our order and putting a big fat smile on my face.

So, what did we get?

‘Egg’ Biscuit Sammie with diaya cheddar

Cinnamon Roll

Monte Cristo Sandwich with diaya mozzarella

Yeah, the cinnamon roll is just that damn good.

Get the Monte Cristo Sandwich,
imageput on the sauce, ask for the jam, put the jam on too…eat, enjoy, rock out!
imageI love The Dad and I love our little trips together. You’re the bestest and I love you lots! And that’s why they (read: me) call you The Dad! Actually, I’ve sort of gotten everyone to call him that. He is commonly referred to at various events as ‘The Dad’. =)
imageOh and did I mention I got a cookie to go, to eat at the game. No? I did…Ginger Molasses is my fav!


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