Travel – CHI – Chicago Diner, of course!

Yes, I’m addicted. But, then people visit its a must in the places to eat list! The Dad came in town for our annual Cubs game and we, of course, came to the diner for dinner. And me, being me, took pictures with my awesome camera phone (yeah…it was dark, I’m sorry for the terrible pictures).

The Dad opted for the Gyro with Sweet Potato fries (our serve, whom I should really know by name now…since I always end up in his section) said that was an awesome combo. image

I went for the Radical Reuben ($1 of each purchase went to help the Gulf) Plus, I never had it before and I’ve lately become obsessed with all things kruat. I got the side of greens, awesome combo too by the way. I did not try The Dad’s Gyro (I have a soft spot for the Comet Cafe version) Anyway, the Reuben here was incredible! I heart marble rye!

And then I opted for dessert (hello, I cannot say no to sugar!) Yum, S’more shake, mouth watering. Darn it, this baby was awesome (getting thesaurus, will replace awesome with new adjective!)

Read: Heaven!
imageAnd Finish!


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  1. Oh yummmm… a little jealous here. 🙂

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