Travel – CHI – Veggie Bite

After the Palos Meltdown race the BF and I refueled with Veggie Bite, because nothing says recovery like vegan fast food. We got the French Fries, BBQ Nuggets, the Buffalo on Rye, and the Fajita Wrap.

imageWith my total unwavering love of rye bread I had the buffalo on rye. This sandwich rocked, sauce was tasty, combo was fantastic.
imageThe BF got the same thing my sister did back in the day…the Fajita Wrap. He also fell in love with it like The Sister did. (dude, it’s a great wrap!)
imageSauce for the BBQ Nuggets, oh so good!
imageBest fries ever!

We also got shakes and me being awful, forgot pictures. They were good. The BF got Strawberry and I got Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum! The bets aprt was the super huge straws the Shakes came with…they sucked up chocolate chips, no joke and not the mini ones either…full sized chocolate chips, amazing!


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  1. Katelyn said

    Oh. My. God. Why are there no vegan fast food joints near my house! This looks absolutely scrumptious – you’re too lucky 🙂

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