Product Review – Tofurky Pizza

Upon The Sisters visit we also stopped by the new Whole Foods on North Ave. Having heard of it’s sheer awesomeness I could not resist a visit. It took us at least an hour (okay, maybe 1.5hrs) to get through the place. Exploring, planning meals, making our own trail mix (holy awesome trail mix station!) and scoring what literally made me jump up and down with glee in the frozen food section a Tofurky Frozen Pizza. Whose a happy mtbVegan (me, me, me!). The Sister was equally as enthusiastic after seeing my response. And then asking me why I went wacky I explained all the hype I’ve heard of these wonderful pizzas and have been patiently waiting for their arrival. And they are here!

Anyway, it pretty much thawed out by the time we got home, but we cooked it up quickly. Slices and then took our first glorious bites. This pizza rocks. It’s nice to have a few pizza (read: 3! Pepperoni, Sausage w/ veggies, and Cheese). Ours was the Italian Sausage with Fire-Roasted Vegetables. Incredible. It tasted great, was cheese, and just a nice quick fix for a late dinner.

I was so thrilled I called the BF to tell him all about it. He’s anticipating his very own Tofurky Pizza.



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  1. I had the pepperoni this weekend … delish!

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