30 Things for my 30’s

Totally inspired by so many other bloggers creating life lists, I am making my own list. 30 Things for my 30’s. Stuff I’ve been putting off, delaying, or to scared to try! I’m kicking this list off on a proper day…my 31st birthday!

I love (my) birthdays, in fact, I think it should be a holiday. If I could get the city to give everyone the day off and, perhaps, do fireworks, I would…and supply vegan cake for all? Why, yes that would be lovely! 30 has not exactly been the greatest of all years for me and because of that I have been very much looking forward to this birthday (even though I’ve been complaining that I’m old, but 31 has got to be better than 30 was!). Anyway, on to the list and hopefully a fresh start and a less cranky mtbVegan (I hope!)

  1. Learn to live life and stop worrying, about everything, all the time
  2. Accept myself for who I am
    1. Take inspiration from Operation Beautiful
    2. Stop obsessing over calories in, calories out, and what the scale says. Just be healthy (and Happy!) by eating right, exercising, and listening to my body…much like Angela of Oh She Glows!
  3. Plant a small container garden & a herb garden – I like herbs
  4. Visit my family way more than I do now, I miss them
  5. Take the GRE (must find time!) maybe later….
  6. Start Grad School (read: and finish) in a program that aligns with my passions
    1. I already know I want to study Economic Policy/Public Policy/Urban Planning, it’s just a matter of how I apply this degree to my passions. It does met one passion, my love for economics. I also feel that my passions are pointing in either Vegan or Cycling advocacy. Guess we’ll see!
  7. Find my passion(s) – Vegan Baker?
  8. Get a job that fulfills my passions
  9. Attempt to learn a foreign language – Danish is my top choice, since I’m 1/2 danish
  10. Ride my bike for fun more and for racing less
  11. Learn to ride harder/more technical trails, better
  12. Travel – there are so many place I want to see, way more than I can afford to do in my 30’s but here’s some of the top places
    1. Portland
    2. NYC (again)
    3. DC – I’ve never been…and I’m an economist for the love of tofu!
    4. Colorado
    5. Visit several of America’s National Parks (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, etc)
    6. See the majority of the 7 wonders of the world
    7. Stare in awe at the Northern -or- Southern lights
    8. Niagara Falls – but stay in Lake Niagara
    9. Australia/New Zealand
    10. Plan a European or Asia trip, maybe several…
      • if it’s Europe – go to the Vatican, meet the Pope
  13. Go back to Vancouver & Whistler – vacation do-over!
  14. Take one bike focused vacation each year – either a long weekend tour or an all out bike vacation.
  15. Take an epic bike camping trek through some wicked awesome place
  16. Practice Yoga (goal: twice a week)
  17. Learn to meditate properly and then meditate daily
  18. Do weight training (goal: twice a week) – bone density is important!
  19. Learn to kayak
  20. Get a massage each season (at least), my muscles are tight and who doesn’t need (read: want) a massage?
  21. Learn to take better photographs
  22. Volunteer/Work at a Farm Sanctuary
  23. Be a mom – either by having or adopting a child
  24. Cook every recipe from my favorite cookbooks…currently the list is:
    1. Vegan Brunch
    2. Vegan With a Vengeance
    3. Vegan on the Cheap
    4. Veganomicon
  25. Get my motorcycle license
  26. Take a helicopter tour (see #11)
  27. Stay alive
  28. Every 365 days start a new 365 day project (Photo Blogness)
  29. Take time each day to pray
  30. Get more involved in church, I enjoy going, I just need to find a church I call home in CHI (I miss my MKE church!)
  31. (Since I’m 31, lets add one more!)Revise this list yearly – as in to touch base with what I’ve done, what needs to be done still and maybe what else I should do!

Here’s hope 31 is incredible ~ or at least better! (Ah, that positive attitude!)



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