Travel – CHI – Chicago Diner Birthday Dinner

I know, my birthday was 2 weeks ago and I’m just now posting about my b-day dinner. This post also proves the point that I need a better food photo camera…because as much as I love my phone, it’s camera is not meant for what I do. Hence item #21 from my 30 things for my 30’s list.

Anyway, The BF and I headed to none other than The Chicago Diner for my birthday dinner. I know you’re shocked. We started out with the Lentil Cakes – yum! Great flavor and the dipping sauce rocked.

imageThe BF opted for the Blackened Tofu Steaks, the quinoa it was served with really completed the dish. Also served with the sauteed greens and mashed sweet potatoes.
imageI went for the Pumpkin Ravioli. It was incredible. Served up with sauteed apples and onions gave the dish a unique taste and texture. The Ravioli was filled with Pumpkin and the sauce was made with Butternut Squash. This dish is why I wanted to go to the Diner for dinner. I love all things pumpkin and this was quite tasty, filling, and just delightful!
imageAnd since it was my bday I got cake – chocolate mouse served with vanilla ice cream and a candle (no I did not eat the candle)


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