30 Minute Vegan

Once The BF decided to become vegan I suggested getting some cookbooks – for two reasons; 1st because vegan cookbooks provide useful new vegan info and 2nd he should really learn to cook. So we trekked to the book store and bought 30 Minute Vegan. He proceeded to not use it because he much prefers convenience over cooking. So I took the cookbook for myself, since I heart cooking. So I fixed up this awesome dinner from 30 minute vegan:

Gingered Collard Greens:image

I loved this but The BF likes his greens softer and I prefer some bite left in them.

Then I made the BBQ Tempeh Sandwich. This is after step two – baking:

This is full assembled with the BBQ sauce and all. Yum. This dish rocked. Tempeh had great flavor and I loved the sauce recipe.
imageThe we made Baked Plantains. Here you can see them fresh from the oven…and I conveniently forgot to take a picture of them prepared, darn it.

This was my first attempt at doing anything with plantains and I was very pleased with the results, and it also sparked some ideas for future dishes.

Overall I enjoyed the 30 Minute Vegan cookbook, overall the dishes I made were quick, easy, and fit well together.



  1. Katelyn said

    Plantains baked?! I’m intrigued! I have to try this 🙂 How did you cook them slash did they turn out yummy? I *must* know! 🙂

    • mtbvegan said

      put plantains (in their skin still) in a baking pan, bake 20minutes at 375. Cool 5-10mins. peel cut, top with sugar/syrup/sauce. Rad!

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