Vegan MoFo 2010 – Day 3 – Vegan Brunch

At work we did a potluck for Halloween and I brought in the Vegan Brunch Coffee Cake (Cinnamon Fig version) to share with my co-workers. Unfortunately everyone knew I was the vegan and only 2 people tried my dish (out of about 40 people). But I enjoyed it, as well as The BF who scored the leftovers.

imageNext time I might either use fresh figs or rehydrate the dried figs and turn it into a paste to plop onto the coffeecake.

The coffeecake was fab and I loved the figs with it. The added cinnamon with the dish really brought out the flavors. I love this cookbook!



  1. Noelle said

    You have to be kidding me!! Just because people knew you are vegan only 2 people tried your dish? So rude and inconsiderate! I am so very sorry. I hardly have this experience, with folks over here, but that is so wrong! I would have served everyone a small slice so they could learn their lesson. Teach them that vegan tastes better than non-vegan or not even any different. Wow, that got me on a soapbox!

    Your dish sounds lovely by the way. I love figs a bunch!

  2. Gina said

    I’ve had the same thing happen. In fact, even if I bring something from a conventional grocery store that just happens to be vegan, I still have family members, etc. that will refuse to taste it. I always try to look on the brightside as well that there is just more for me to chow down on later. = )

  3. Hope said

    WOW, I too am very surprised they wouldn’t eat your dish bc it’s vegan. That is ignorant…and it really sucks! I am shocked. It looks so delicious. I mean, it’s still cake people!

    • mtbvegan said

      It’s hard to say if it was because it was vegan or not. But everyone tried all the other dishes so its an assumption on my part. I was very much looking forward to sharing vegan food with everyone that I literally watch everyone go through the line. I didn’t even label it vegan. Oh well. Maybe next time they’ll try my dish!

  4. Nicole said

    That IS totally ridiculous… I would eat that right up!!! 😀

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