Vegan MoFo 2010 – Day 8 – Bathroom Products: Deodorant

Last year I switched from using anti-perspiration/deodorant to just deodorant. I, like many people, suffered from underarm irritation due to the aluminum used in anti-perspiration – which really was doing it’s job as it’s supposed to irradiate the pores in your underarm and thus, stop sweating, my irritation was unbearable and so I switched.

My deodorant routine is a 2 step process. Since I tend to ride after work, I get home sweaty & gross…then I take my shower before going to bed. So post shower (and also post underarm shave) I use Tom’s of Maine Long-Lasting Care 12hr deodorant. I like using a stick deodorant after I shave because there is no worry with stinging or irritation. This works great for just that. I do notice that you must adhere to the 12hr time limit – which is why I use two deodorants. Tom’s of Maine does have a 24hr stick I just bought and plan to try out once I use up this 12hr stick. But, this stick works great for the post shower through bedtime routine. Fantastic!image
Cost: $4.99
Overall Rating: 3 piggies

The 2nd step to my deodorant routine is in the morning. Since I shower before bed, I don’t waste more water by showering again in the morning. I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees Outdoor deodorant. I love the smell and this works great! With all my riding and activities I never notice a smell at the end of the day. I take this with me on race weekends and it works great for even the hottest of days on the trails.

Price: $9.99

Overall Rating: 4.5 piggies

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  1. Winnie said

    Such cute piggies! I use that Tom’s one as well. I alternate between that and the Tom’s crystal 24 hrs which does last a long time, but that one does have aluminum.

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