Vegan MoFo – Day 28 – Amitabul

After desperately wanting to go to Amitabul, we finally made it. It was wonderful!

We started out with the Mandoo Vegan Dumplings


These were amazing, very light and delicate, but full of flavor. The cabbage was a nice touch too. Price $7.95

The BF ordered the Sweet Noodle Curry

The sauce in the dish was really amazing. Sweet and savory, with apples & pears used as flavoring, it really created many different flavor levels. Another bonus was the dish was huge. I mean massive, totally enough for two people to eat or to take home some leftovers. The BF managed to eat 3/4 of it, he’s a hungry man. But it was definitely worth the $11.95

I opted for the Tempeh Veggie Stir (medium spicy)

It rocked, there were huge mushrooms in it, all the veggies were cooked perfectly, nothing over done and the curry had a lot of depth to it. Spicy, in a great way. I’m tempted to order my next dish there as spicy! I like spicy food and I might try it out. Another plus for this dish was how large it was. I only managed to eat half, so I had leftovers (score!). It was also well worth the $11.95

If you have time, definitely stop by Amitabul. They’re only open Tuesday to Saturday so plan accordingly (not like what we kept doing in the past, wanting to go on Sundays).


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