Vegan MoFo – Day 29 – Chicago Diner

Brunch is a fantastic meal. it’s that wonderful time of day, when you get to sleep in and eat breakfast…later…and fancier than normal (read: no smoothie or cereal for me!). Since The BF was in town for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, we opted for relaxed Sunday. After church we headed to The Chicago Diner, for brunch.

We opted for one season item and two regular menu items.

Cinnamon Apple French Toast

This was a great fall dish and plenty for myself to eat, but The BF has quite the appetite…so he was hoping for at least 5 more slices (I think)> Price: $7.99

Vegan Cinnamon Roll

We split the cinnamon roll…all I have to say (and all I ever have to say about the cinnamon roll) it’s awesome, totally fantastic. Price: $2.99

The Breakfast Bowl

This bowl was huge, totally worth the $9.99. It was breakfast potatoes, scrambled tofu, sausage, biscuit, and then topped off with gravy. It rocked and I could only manage to eat half, so The BF scored the rest. We both loved it.

I love the diner and as I tend to say, you need to go!


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