VOTC – Curried Tofu Wraps

This wrap sounded fantastic, and it was. It also involved two recipes form the book.

First was the Cheapskate Chutney, which had me very nervous. Mostly because I’d never atempted a chutney before (I cheat and go store bought because they’re so good!). But, I gave this one a try and was really pelased with my results. It had a nice kick of spicy followed by an overall sweetness. Future reference, get crushed pineapple, I bought the chunks and was then trying to mince it…it turned messy and well, overall I thought my chutney was too chunky! Other than my personal mishap, it was great and easy!


Recipe 4:157, Pg 39


The curried tofu poriton of the recipe was awesome. I  love curry and all the textures went amazingly well together. Soft, crunchy, chewy, it rocked. Very easy to make and can be served so many ways. There were a few optional pieces of the recipe and what I decided to do was go simple and eat this the way I prefer my wraps. So intead of a flour tortilla wrap I used Collard Greens. That was great!image

Another optional idea listed was to mix the curried tofu with rice and either eat as is or, again, in a wrap. I plan to make this again going through all the optional pieces to see which I like best. So, we’ll have to touch base again when I do that.

Recipe 5:157, Pg 183


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