Travel – CHI – Chicago Diner

TO say I love it when people come into town and I get to show them one of the best vegan restaurants would be an understatement. I was lucky enough to get to join Andrea (@celeryinthecity) for her first visit to The Chicago Diner. I was stoked and she seemed pretty thrilled as well. Andrea & I chat via twitter and were paired up for a vegan swap. This was our first actual meeting. So we set off to do it right, brunch at The Diner. Below is all of our score…The BF came too.

Vegan Teese Sticks (Yeah, they rocked), Cinnamon Roll (Because I can’t go to brunch without getting a cinnamon roll!) The BF got the “Bacon” Avocado Breakfast Pita, I had The Monte Cristo Sandwich, because breakfast is not complete without it, while I talked Andrea into the Breakfast Bowl.

It was all awesome, yummy, fantastic, and it was great getting to hang out with Andrea – it has me super excited for next month when she’ll get to show me & The Dad some NYC vegan eats! So everyone pretty much has a standing invitation – if you’re in CHI let me know, I’ll make sure you know where to get the best vegan grub!


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