Travel – CHI – Ste Martean Vegan Food Truck

I’ve posted a few visit I have had with the Chicago Vegan Food Truck from Ste Martean, I’ve enjoyed all the meals I’ve gotten from them. But, last night I got my favorite (so far). To say I loved it, would be an understatement. It was fantastic!

I started with the Jerk Wings with Coconut Rice, side of a bistcuit.

Meshael warned when I asked for it that it was pretty spicy. I told him how much I love spicy food (read: I ❤ spicy). Sometimes I’m told something is spicy and left waiting for the spice to hit. This time I took a bit of the wing and was amazed. Great texture, consistency, and the spicy was just right. It was spicy, in that building spice way. Lots of flavors and then the heat would build. I love it. Oh it was incredible. The rice went well with it as well, helping to bring the heat down so you coudl rise it up again with the next wing. The biscuit was great too, although next if I’m lucky to get this combination again, I’ll put some mango jam on the biscuit.

Then I got dessert on a whime, because after reading this on the menu I just HAD to have it. Sweet Potato Mousse. Um, yummy…no really, I dreamed about it last night and how truly incredible it was.


Meshael had said it was the perfect combination (the meal I ordered) and he was complete correct. I loved the entire thing…so awesome, I want it again. So, Ste Martean, want to make this for me again? Please?

Oh and are you hiring? because this would be a rad job, either cooking or running the truck! lol, I know I’m lame, but I had to ask…I love these guys!


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