Travel – CHI – Karyn’s on Green

I’ve been wanting to go to Karyn’s on Green for a while. The menu always looks intriguing and creative so when Andrea was down to dine at Karyn’s we went!

Who wouldn’t love a restaurant that’s slogan is “Making Vegan Sexy”

We were both stoked to be there and upon checking the drink menu we got started with a Fall-gria (Red Wine, Combier, Peyrot Private Reserve, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Orange, and Cinnamon Simple Syrup) Yes, it was incredible.

(picture: Andrea)

They brought us some crusty bread and a herbed butter for it while we pondered the menu…and boy did we ponder…but that bread was pretty good with the buttery spread (yum!)

After chatting for quite some time we settled on an appetizer. The Mixed Basket…which consisted of a nice pile of all things fried (Oh so healthy I know, but oh did it taste fab!) The contents were tempura cauliflower, avocado, mushrooms, and a pile of fries. They came with two dipping sauces; a BBQ Sauce and a Sweet Soy Sauce. The BBQ went incredibly well with the fries, and avocado. The mushrooms and cauliflower seemed best with the soy sauce. It was pretty amazing and I really enjoy the avocado – although I would like to try this with a slightly spicy tempura batter…might be good.

After looking over the menu I also opted for the French Onion Soup…since my last bowl of French Onion Soup was consumed back in the 1990’s…seriously. So I couldn’t help myself and had to try it.

The soup was really good. Great flavor, tender onions, nice and thick…the crusty bread soaked in the broth was delightful. I was very impressed by this soup.

For dinner we opted for a crazy variety, 1 pizza, 1 large plate, 2 sides.

Pizza: Arugula – it came with sliced yukon potatoes, caramelized onions, and topped with Arugula

The pizza was great, the combination of the potatoes, onions, and cheese with the arugula was interesting and went well together. I’m not sure what kind of cheese they used but it was a nice mild flavor. I only managed to eat one slice, since I consumed a bowl of soup just prior…oy so full!

For our side dishes we settled on the Sweet Potatoes with Dandies (first time having sweet potatoes with marshmallows)

Not only was the presentation wonderful with each side being served in small caste-iron pan, but the dish was wonderfully sweet, but not over done. The firmness of the marshmallows played well with the tenderness of the sweet potatoes.

Our second side dish was the roasted brussels sprout. It came with a cerole mustard sauce…and well, I loved it.

The sauce went so well with the brussels sprout, the sprouts were very tender and perfectly prepared. If you like sprouts, you need to eat these…love at first bite.

No really, I loved that sauce…so much so I dipped my bread in it too.

(picture: Andrea)

For our Large Plate we opted for something simple, The Penne Marinara. To some it might seem almost too simple a dish to try when checking out a restaurant for the first time. But I think it’s the perfect dish to try…if a restaurant can make something simple so well that says a lot. I’ve been to plenty of “fancy” restaurants and they do a fantastic job with presentation and taste on exotic dishes, but the basics always seem off. So with the Penne Marinara I was pretty excited to try it. Pasta – perfect, sauce, wonderful. Not too sweet, not too salty, seasoned so well…I could smell the wonderful tomatoes and basil once the placed the dish in front of us, it made my mouth water.

We were both very pleased with the dish, but also so full we only managed to eat a few bites each (we really wanted to have dessert too…so we saved room).

So we had the leftovers boxed while we contenplated the dessert menu…

(picture: Andrea)

We were torn between two dishes; Banana Fosters or the Poached Pear. After a glowing recommendations from a fellow patron, we opted for the Banana’s Foster.

To say it tasted incredible would be an understatement. It was so wonderfully deliciously, textures were great and flavors intense, and it all played well together. This was a fantastic choice.

The entire process, seating to completion of dessert took 3 hours. No really, 3 hours! Not once during the meal did I feel rushed or like serve was slow. It was all at the perfect pace. I’m sure I could have polished off most of the food, but I think opting for leftovers was a good idea. I enjoyed chatting with Andrea a great deal, I’m so sad she’ll be heading back to NYC next week and we won’t get to hangout more. She’s a great gal and a good friend!

So, what did I think of Karyn’s on Green…it was amazing. I will be back, every dish was wonderful and I would change nothing. Wonderful atmosphere, great food all prepared to perfection…it’s poised to become a favorite of mine. Now…I just need to try brunch, because breakfast food is key in my book (but seriously, the brussels sprouts were my favorite…that sauce I’ll have dreams about and will try to duplicate myself…it was so good!)


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