Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Creamy Miso Pasta Bake

I never thought to make a miso based sauce for lasagna and I’m disappointed in myself. This was fantastic. My only problem with lasagna is that my noodles always (and I mean always) fall apart. It’s like building a puzzle when I make lasagna, fitting all the little noodle pieces together. But, aside from that, I loved this dish (shocker…I love food!). I made this for NYE dinner with The BF. After my first bit I was in heaven and promptly followed by The BF…who said “This is great, really, really great” All with a huge smile on his face. He even asked if he could have the left overs for himself. Winner of a recipe.



  1. Jessica said

    This looks delicious!!! Miso is a great idea!

    Here’s a tip that I discovered a couple years ago & it’s changed my life: You don’t have to boil the noodles before assembling lasagna. Put a thin(ish) layer of marinara on the bottom of your baking dish, then the first layer of (uncooked) noodles. My pan fits 3 noodles going horizontal, then one on either the left or right side that’s vertical. Cover with another thin layer of marinara; just make sure that every single inch is covered with sauce, including the corners!

    Then just layer as usual! Mine is usually a layer of tofu/cashew ricotta on top of the noodles/marinara, then roasted veggies & Field Roast sausage, then a bit of Daiya mozzarella cheese, then noodles again, sauce, ricotta, etc. I finish with a top layer of noodles covered by marinara & then a thick layer of Daiya. The secret is that the moisture from all the filling will cook the noodles to al dente perfection! I guess this is how a lot of Italian families do it, and it’s SO MUCH easier than pre-boiling! Just make sure that every bit of the noodles is covered with sauce! (Or else you’ll have crunchy edges. Not a disaster, but not optimum, either.)

    Not that you asked! 😉 I just thought I’d share because trying to layer cooked/slippery noodles was always a problem for me, too!

    • Jessica said

      I like how my comment was like twice as long as your post! Oopsie!

  2. The Sister said

    I have these “no boil” noodles that “contain” no egg or milk but they are manufactured in a building that makes things with egg. Are these ok for you to use? They don’t fall apart (because they aren’t cooked yet) and are super easy to use. If so, let me know so that I can give you more info.

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