Travel – MKE -Comet Cafe

This past Sunday I headed to MKE with my friend Amy to ride at Ray’s MTB Park. We had a blast riding and afterwards grabs dinner, with The BF, at Comet Cafe. Amy & I both opted for Chili Fries and a side of beer braised brussels sprouts (who could resist beer braised Brussels, not me!) IN fine Comet Cafe fashion everything was wonderful. I love their chili, so very very good!

For dessert I opted for Apple Pie – fantastic choice. I even got it warmed so it was extra yummy. Too bad they don’t have vegan ice cream, because warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream would have been fab.

The BF had my new fav meal optiong – the open faced “meat”loaf sandwich. Everyone got dessert too. The BF scored the last Red Velvet cupcake while Amy opted for the Lemon Raspberry cupcake. They all looks so good!

If you are ever in MKE be sure to stop by Comet Cafe, vegan options are plentiful and they all taste amazing. I have never really been disappointed there (sometimes you get the bottom of the pan french fries, but otherwise – wonderful!). Breakfast there is really awesome too!


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  1. Beer-braised brussels sprouts sound amazing!

    Hey – I am trying to follow you on Twitter (I’m @TheGonzoMama), and it won’t let me. Can you help? 🙂

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