Veganniversary – 3 Years!

My 3 year Veganniversary was on January 17th! The delay in my posting was simply due to my computer crashing, being busy, and…well there you go. But my friend Amy D. and I got together for dinner to celebrate my 3 years of being vegan (Before which I spend 9 years as a vegetarian – which mean’s I’ve saved over 1,000 animals from being slaughterer.) So, of course I wanted to celebrate that!

We went to the Chicago Diner and noshed on some wonderful sweet potato fries as our appetizer (they were super yummy!)

Shared Plate of Sweet Potato Fries!

For our main dishes we both had Gluten Free dishes (Amy’s GF, and the diner has some great options)!

Amy: Avocado Tostado’s
Mine: Pumpkin Tamale’s

Let me start by saying how wonderful the Pumpkin Tamales were…no really – amazing. Filled with black beans, wonderful sauce, sauteed greens…yummy! It was one of the monthly specials, so I jumped on board to try it out…very pleased with my choice.

Desserts…we’re celebrating, of course we needed dessert! And yes, we even got more fries.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Ice Cream & Sweet Potato Fries (what, they’re good!)


  1. Happy Veganniversary!!! Looks like a wonderful celebration! (next time I come to Chicago we have to go there … + Karyn’s!) 🙂

  2. mtbvegan said

    I’m in! I love showing off my city!

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