Travel – MKE – Bean’s & Barley’s (x2)

Last weekend I went to Bean’s and Barley’s twice…I know!

First with my friend Amy W. to get refueled after riding at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park! I stuck with some classic dishes, which were awesome, as they always are.

Non-Dairy Black Bean Burrito
Apple Pie

Then the next day The BF & I went for dinner…and even though I tell him repeatedly that he is not a big Bean’s & Barley fan we still end up here, because somehow, each time he doesn’t believe me.

The BF: Balsamic Tofu Sandwich
mtbVegan: TLT – Vegan, On Rye

I, however, love Bean’s & Barleys. My sandwich was great (as this is my fav sandwich). The BF’s sandwich tasted really good too. However he said (again) that the portion was tiny and that there weren’t a ton of vegan options. I do agree with the somewhat small amount of vegan options, but I its a nice option, different food, and I think it’s the perfect amount of food.


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