Travel – MKE – Comet Cafe

On Sunday after I did my P90X workout, then attended Church we headed out for – Yummy Yummy Brunch! I wanted pancakes so we went to Comet Cafe. The BF got the scramble plate and it left him still a bit hungry (that man can eat!) so we ended up getting another pancake to help fill him up. I went with a single pancake and a side of scramble…also some wonderful minty hot tea so warm me up. All in all a great meal. Also – if anyone knows what they season the scramble with, tell me. It was fantastic – by far one of my fav scrambles around. I don’t know what it is that makes it so fantastic compared to any other scramble, but it rocked.

The BF: Scramble Plate

mtbVegan: Side of Scramble & a Vegan Pancake

I mean really, who doesn't love a nice vegan pancake?

mtbVegan: Minty Tea to keep my warm (& awake!)


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