Product Review – French Meadow

This was from a company I haven’t tried before – but it sounded yummy & was on sale (always a nice combo). The BF came down and needed to be fed (and all I had was things the man either doesn’t like or would need to eat the entire contents of my freezer to be full – like I siad he eats a lot!)

Into the microwave this baby went and proceeded to cook for 9 minutes. That’s basically forever in microwave terms. Personally if it’s not done in under 5 minutes it’s too much of a hassle and I might as well actually cook something. A

The flavors and textures were wonderful. It tasted fresh as if I just cooked it myself. So I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Most of the time you’re left with something that you know was from the microwave, not this time.

Cost: $2.50 (sale, reg is roughly $3)

Overall rating: 3 piggies – it was really good, but cooking time took forever

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