Vegan Brunch – Perfect Pancakes – Piggies!

I bought this awesome piggie pancake pan from I was so excited when it arrived. So I whipped up a batch of the Perfect Pancake batter form Vegan Brunch. I love pancakes and this recipe is fantastic!

See how great they look:

One thing to note is that you do need to spray the pan each time you make a pancake. You also need to flip the cake onto another pan to finish cooking. It’s a two pan operation. I learned the hard way about the spraying the pan each time (it was an experiment!)

It still tasted good (decided to eat the messed up one…yummy!)

I prefer my pancakes like a nice PB&J sandwich…so good:

I love pancakes.



  1. I cannot count the many ways I love this pancake!! And I appreciate the tips, as I’m breaking in the monkey pan this weekend 😉

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