Vegan Chicago Meetup – Veggie Bite

For February Vegan Chicago headed to Veggie Bite for lunch. It was a great meetup, large group (over 80 RSVP’d!). I know the concept of vegan fast food doesn’t sound appealing to people. But I think Veggie Bite does a very good job of making it as healthy as possible. Their menu is large, the food tastes great (since I’ve been there several times), it doesn’t ever seem or feel too greasy “fast food” like. By far they have the best french fries around.

So this time at Veggie Bite I opted for the Chili Cheese Fries!

I also got the BBQ Nuggets, which were good, but not what I think I really wanted (or what went best with the fries…I thin k chix free nuggets would have been the better combo).

Then for dessert I got a slice of Strawberry Cake (because who can say no to cake?! Not this vegan).

As always, I have a great time with the Vegan Chicago group. I can’t wait to see what next months meetup is.


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