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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Vegetable Marinara

The flavor of this marinara was wonderful. I could, to be honest, just spoon this into my mouth – sans anything else…eat ti like soup or stew. It was awesome. I’d also like to say this freezes incredibly well. So when Cook Vegan Lover’s next eBook comes out…buy it and make this marinara…you will not be disappointed!

This picture doesn’t do the sauce justice, but it does prove the point that I really need to make myself a light box. I’d get way better pictures!

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Braised Potatoes

Braised Potatoes was something new for me. I’m a simple girl – baked, mashed, or roasted. I enjoyed this dish a lot. The way it was prepared had me hooked – I can’t tell you how, I can just say you’ll love it. The only down side is that this does not reheat well. Sauteing in a pan works a bit, but it’s better the first time around.

I served it with the Porcini Crusted Seitan with Wild Mushroom Gravy, they worked very well together. That gravy was wonderful on the potatoes as well.Thanks again to Lindsay for the wonderful recipes to test!

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Porcini Crusted Seitan with Wild Mushroom Gravy

Oh yes, you read that correctly Porcini Crusted Seitan…

with Wild Mushroom Gravy….

And yes, it was incredible.

NO really…amazing…

The flavors, the textures, and just, well everything. I think it was quite  fancy combination and I plan to make this again, for my family. The Dad & The Sister would both love this dish. Everything reheated well too – although you want to reheat in a pan and not in the microwave for the seitan. It tasted fine from the microwave, but the crispness was gone and that was key! Another fab dish from Lindsay of  Cook. Vegan. Lover.

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Tex-Mex TVP Polenta

I was a little worried I wouldn’t like this dish for the testing project I’m in for Cook. Vegan. Lover. Mostly because I am not a huge fan of TVP. But I wanted to take the opportunity to test it out and see what I though. Overall, nto bad. Texture turned out really well – maybe it was the way it was more of a chili consistency or the overall flavors used. But it worked really well. Served over some wonderful Polenta (so so good!) and then I opted to top it off with some vegan sour cream (made from VOTC recipe…will post that review later!). This dish reheated well when kept in the refrigerator – I wouldn’t recommend freezing it though.

All that really needs to be said is that Lindsay has some wonderful recipes and this new eCookbook of hers is going to rock!

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Spicy Black Eyed Peas & Greens

This was a wonderful dish and it freezes/reheats really well – which is important to me since I cook in advance and save for my lunches. I don’t think it was too spicy (although I do love spicy food so maybe my taste is off). It was a very quick recipe too, using kale & black eyed peas – very good dish. I served mine over brown rice, you could also use noodles or even a pita/tortilla -very versatile.

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Baked Coconut-Lime Tofu

I love tofu, baked, stir-fried, scrambled…pretty much every way possible. I was a little worried about the lime aspect of the sauce, simply because I’m not a huge lime fan (except mojitos) but, test away I did and this was fantastic. The lime wasn’t over powering at all. It was incredible. I served it up over some leftover stirfry I had earlier in the week. It was fab!

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Creamy Miso Pasta Bake

I never thought to make a miso based sauce for lasagna and I’m disappointed in myself. This was fantastic. My only problem with lasagna is that my noodles always (and I mean always) fall apart. It’s like building a puzzle when I make lasagna, fitting all the little noodle pieces together. But, aside from that, I loved this dish (shocker…I love food!). I made this for NYE dinner with The BF. After my first bit I was in heaven and promptly followed by The BF…who said “This is great, really, really great” All with a huge smile on his face. He even asked if he could have the left overs for himself. Winner of a recipe.

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Avocado Tofu Benedict

This was a great breakfast, actually, it would make a better brunch because by the time it was all ready to eat I was starving. But on New Years Eve I surprised The BF with breakfast in bed and this was the dish I selected. He was surprised but not so much hungry…on the bright side I learned it reheats rather well. Once he ate some, he loved it. I thought it was pretty fantastic too. A bit fancy for what I normally like (smoothies, oatmeal, and pancakes) but it’s nice for when you’re cooking for others.

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Testing – Cook.Vegan.Lover – Tempeh Bolognese Napoleon

This is so far one of my favorite recipes I’ve tested for Lindsay (so far I’ve made 5, I’m a cooking machine). It had wonderful flavor, depth, layers, it was great. Seriously, I could just sit down with a spoon and eat the sauce. I mean, look at it…doesn’t it make you hungry!

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Testing for Cook.Vegan.Lover

Last month I found out Lindsay of Cook.Vegan.Lover was looking for some additional testers for a future e-cookbook. I jumped at the chance, since I love cooking and she has some amazing recipes! Since signing up to test for her, I have been busy. Now, I can’t tell you the recipe, or any details about any of them…BUT, I can tell you how awesome I thought they were and give you a glimpse as to why you should buy the e-cookbook when she publishes it.

I hope you enjoy my future testing posts!

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