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Christmas – The Day of Food – Part 2

The day after Christmas The BF & I made the trek to his Mom’s house for our second Christmas. For dinner The BF got us the Field Roast Hazelnut En Croute. The meal was simple and nice and I enjoyed being there. I snacked a ton throughout the afternoon and was actually quite full by the time we sat down for dinner. So my plate was small…but good:

Starting with the roll, going clockwise: Roll via Whole Foods, Sweet Potatoes (It was mashed with pineapple, brown sugar, and topped with walnuts – it was good, but I much prefer regular sweet potatoes), Hazelnut En Croute, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans with Pine Nuts, and a mixed field greens salad with cranberries and walnuts.

The Field Roast was wonderful. I might have to try that for a future holiday’s, a bit more fancy for holiday gatherings than a Tofurky. Flavor was great and it went well with the cranberry sauce. Dessert I failed to picture (sorry!) it was the vegan pumpkin pie from Whole Foods. Good, but my pie is way better.

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Christmas – The Day of Food – Part 1

For Christmas Day Breakfast I made my Pumpkin Oatmeal Bread, while The Aunt made Vegan Blueberry Muffins, Roasted Potatoes, and Oatmeal for me. The meal was awesome.

Dinner was quite a meal. I made a Holiday Lentil Loaf, and The Aunt made a large amount of sides, all vegan, for me and The BF. I was so excited that she offered to made a lot of the usual options vegan, for me.

Well go clockwise from the roll…The roll is from Whole Foods, then we have cranberry sauce, Holiday Lentil Loaf (went so well together…yum!), sweet corn, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes and then glazed carrots (in the middle). The brussels sprouts were like I always do…EVOO & Garlic, roasted for 45 minutes. It was a great meal!

Dessert – The Aunt made a chocolate cake (the same recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, double batch), then topped with an orange glazed (OJ & Powdered Sugar). It was really good!



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Vegan MoFo – Day 30 – Christmas Wish List

Each year my family asks for our wish lists. We’ve always done it this way, and personally I like it. I knwo whatever I get the others in my family will be something they want/need and will enjoy. I sometimes don’t like the whole “gift card” thing, unless in cases where the gift card(s) will be added up and used to purchase something large or something to be determined (like fabric stores gift cards). I’ve done the asking for gift cards for that very reason before (I needed new pots and pans!) and this way everyone got to chip in without having to all buy expensive dishes for me. Anway, this year my list was a little bit different and below is the condensed e-mail I sent The Fam.

Donations Farm Sanctuary, The Anti-Cruelty Society, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, or Vegan Action would be rad, since I don’t actually need anything. But for those who want to actually buy me something, here’s some things I like:

Yoga Mat, Accessories (Block, Strap, DVDs)

Electric Kettle (So I can have tea at my desk)

A Tea Cup – this is a cute ´╗┐one too

Donut Baking Pan (because who doesn’t want donuts? both regular AND mini!)

And here’s a bunch of random cool stuff:

Magnets for my fridge
Tofu Express
I like kitchen gadgets for cooking
I could use a good rolling pin
Cookie Cutters are fun
So my list went all over the place, but I’m personally hoping for a few things on the list…mostly at the very very top! I hope everyone else has a very vegan Christmas season! Thanks for Vegan MoFo-ing along with me!


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