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My *Vegan* Future

Back on the birthday I posted my “30 things for my 30’s” list. And even though it’s only almost 5 months old some modifications have been made…Specifically #5: Take the GRE (must find time!) & #6: Start Grad School (read: and finish) in a program that aligns with my passions

So what’s changed. Well, grad school is very (read: very) expensive. I was narrowing down my choices and then upon further research I found that I won’t qualify for financial aid. You have to be attending half time (2-3 classes per term) in order to qualify for any aid and that’s just not something I can do (not if I want to do anything outside of work & school…who needs sleep, right?). After realizing this in January I basically felt crushed and angry and so I prayed, a lot. Prayed my little heart out, friends we’re praying for me too. I also talked with The Sister, The Dad, & The BF. We all did a mental breakdown of what I like in life, what I don’t like, what I love doing, what makes me smile, what makes me angry, etc. And we all circled back to the same thing I’ve been circling back to since I was 10 years old (as The Sister said). Baking. Cooking. I love it. I love to feed people, I love the make cookies, cakes, pies, scones, bars, brownies, chocolate covered things, crisps, okay, I’m hungry now.

So what did all this mean? Do I really want to cook? Do I really want to be a chef? Perhaps. I did actually start out in culinary arts and had a massive panic attack involving a fish and removing it’s head. I realized that yes, I LOVE cooking, but I very much dislike and cannot handle cooking with animals. So where does that leave me? There are a few programs in the country that offer vegan options (score!) But currently I don’t live near any of them and I really love Chicago. BUT, there are a few intensive programs/certificates I can take. So…this April I’ll become a certified Vegan Baker. I repeat: a certified Vegan Baker! I’ll be going to the courses at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. Needless to say I am excited. The final plan on how I’ll apply this new certificate is still in the works. But one things for sure, if you need a vegan baker let me know. I’d love to bake for you!!

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