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Product Review – Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

I love grilled cheese & tomato soup. Love, Love, Love! It’s pretty much the only way I like vegan cheese. So I set out to try a few new things. I found FIG Food Co at Whole Foods. Easy to make (empty package, fill package with water or non-dairy milk, stir together, heat…done)

Wonderful flavor, not too salty or too sweet. Tasted great with the grilled cheese dipped in it!

Price: 2/$6.00

Overall Rating: 4 piggies – homemade might be better

The BF back in his PV days liked grilled cheese with ham on it. So we opted to try the Lightlife Smart Deli Ham. Um, it was a big failure. The BF did not like the taste of the ham at all. He said it was weird and he couldn’t even finish his grilled cheese. Bummer!

Price: $3.59

Overall rating: 1 piggie

I opted to try two types of cheese’s. First theres the Follow Your Heart Cheddar. It was on sale and even said on the package “It Melts!”. I have no idea what it takes to melt this, but it did not melt. I grilled up my sandwich, even adding a few drops of water to the pan, then covering it to create steam to help the meltiung process…a slight softening of the cheese happened, but no real melting. Flavor was good, what I’d expect, didn’t have a weird texture, just didn’t melt!

Price: 2/$6.00

Overall Rating 2.5 piggies

Teese, from Chicago Soy Dairy was the second option I got. I’m a big fan of Teese and they’ve recently updated their products to make it more melty. No joke, this baby melted sans steam action. Creamy, melty, delicious. This cheese rocked.

Price: $3.99

Overall Rating 4.5 piggies (it’s my dislike of cheese that knocked it down 0.5)

As you can see here in my side by side compare…Follow Your Heart is on top – zero melty. Teese on the bottom – melty heaven!

Yes, the grilled cheeses & tomato soup rocked my world…or at least my lunch!

Overall satisfaction level: 5 piggies

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Vegan MoFo 2010 – Day 5 – Bathroom Products: 365 Shower

What other vegan products do I use? I was very pleased (and not surprised) that Whole Foods 365 brand was vegan as well. I’ve been using the Fragrance Free Shampoo & Conditioner. I get very picky about scents and chose to start without any to see how the product worked. I like it a ton. My hair feels clean without any residue and no hair goop is left in my hair after the first shampoo! Since I have short hair, there’s a lot of hair goop in my do’ and sometimes getting it out in the first wash is difficult. The shampoo does not lather up like other shampoos, but it still cleans really well.

The body wash I have currently is the herbal mint – wow, this baby smells great! I’ve also used the lavender and lets just say, I’m not fan. Cleans well…I just don’t like the smell of lavender I guess. Mint, however, rocks. But, I must warn that it is probably not the best product to use right before you go to bed – mint tents to wake you up a bit.

Price: $5.99 – I’m pretty sure – I buy the largest size and I know it’s a great deal…but unfortunately I cannot remember exactly what I paid, I just know it’s the best value around.

Overall Rating: 4 piggies

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Product Review – Tofurkey Kielbasa

Another quick meal option was this Tofurky Kielbasa. I’ve never had Kielbasa before, but it sounded good. So we melted some Diaya Cheese on a tortilla with some german mustard. Lets just say I was a happy girtl from this meal. The Sister loved it so much she’s going to seek it out back home for her & the hubbie!


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Product Review – S’mores

I never had s’mores, ever. No really, not once. So with The Sister’s visit…we had s’mores! Were they awesome, heck yeah! But, now I pose a question. Does anyone know of any Graham Cracks with honey? I mean actual crackers…we substituted the bunny grahams because I don’t eat honey. Still freaking rocked though. Made melt chocolate, roasted Dandies on the stove (like you do in the city!), stirred all together with bunny grahams and then stuffed our faces. I licked the bowl…got chocolate on my face, The Sister laughed, we had fun.

imageRoasting…marshmallow gooey goodness.
imageReally good…really, really good!

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