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Product Review – Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma

Sometimes I just want something fast and different. Amy’s to the rescue! I’ve always been a fan of Amy’s products and this is no exception. I’d say the only failure is that the dish does not look like the picture, except for the rice. But it tasted fantastic, cooked in the amount of time as directed (microwave) and was a very nice dinner for myself.

Cost: $3(ish) – it was on sale and I can’t remember entirely but these usualyl cost between $3-4 at my Whole Foods.

Overall Rating: 3.5 piggies – its good, really good, but not home made.

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Product Review – Amy’s Refried Black Beans & Fantastic Foods Taco “Meat”

Last night was Taco Night. Taco’s are great because they’re super easy, fast, and full of flavor. Mine were made with soft blue corn shells. Filled with some of Amy’s Black Re-fried Beans, Fantastic Foods Vegan Taco “meat”, Tomatoes, Black Bean Salsa, and Pablano Peppers. Don’t forget the side of tortilla chips too!

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Product Review – Amy’s Enchilada and Tamale

Amy’s Enchilada meal (amy’s was on super sale a whole foods, I loaded up)
Amy’s Tamale Verde, this dish is so good!

Both of the above are good, but I prefer the Tamale Verde. I love tamale’s and although these aren’t as awesome as the real thing, it sure was close!

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Product Review – Amy’s No Cheese Pizza

This pizza is great, the sauce is a mushroom sauce rather than tomato and it has this sweetness to it. I love vegan pizzas and this one is great after a nice long bike ride.

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Product Review – Amy’s Soups

Amy’s Vegetable Barley Soup with some Gluten Free crackers

Amy’s Alphabet Soup with Acorn squash w/ Cinnamon

I prefer to make my own soup, but when traveling to non-vegan friendly places these travel well and taste good.

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Product Review – Amy’s Breakfast Burrito

For a quick and speedy lunch on those days that I’ve used up all the other fresh food in the house I turn to Amy’s frozen burritos. Here’s the Breakfast Burrito¬† which is pretty darn tasty in a pinch.

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Product Review – Amy’s

I just had to share that last night for dinner I made (okay, cooked) one of Amy’s Non-Dairy Vegetable Pot Pie’s and it was super yummy. I haven’t had a pot pie since I was a kid, this was pretty reminiscent of those childhood pot pies, although without the chicken and add tofu. It tasted and smelled so good and I was very happy with the taste. I opted to microwave it so the cook time was fast. That worked out well, within 30 minutes I had a nice

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