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Product Review – Fantastic Foods Falafel

Sometimes I get lazy and this week was one of those weeks. I had a box of Fantastic Foods Falafel and decided that would make an excellent item for my lunches this week. It’s super easy, tastes good (for not being homemade that is, I’m sure if I sat down and made my own it would be worth it…but I was lazy and they were on sale!)

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Product Review – Amy’s Refried Black Beans & Fantastic Foods Taco “Meat”

Last night was Taco Night. Taco’s are great because they’re super easy, fast, and full of flavor. Mine were made with soft blue corn shells. Filled with some of Amy’s Black Re-fried Beans, Fantastic Foods Vegan Taco “meat”, Tomatoes, Black Bean Salsa, and Pablano Peppers. Don’t forget the side of tortilla chips too!

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