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Product Review – Kashi

Since I’ve been so busy packing & moving lately I opted for a quick bit to eat the other night. I had to get grocery shopping done so while at the store I bought this Kashi frozen dinner. It’s the Black Bean Mango. The dish is fairly good, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing and to run out and eat it everyday. But for being a frozen meal, it has good flavor, texture and the dish cooks up well. I enjoyed it, but would like to see more of a mango flavor added to the dish. That’s what got me so excited to try it and I felt like there wasn’t enough mango to the dish. Otherwise, everything was quite tasty and filling!


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Product Review – Kashi Veggie Medley

I’ve been slacking on my foodie posts! I tried a new frozen sandwich from Kashi for lunch the other day. It’s the veggie medley pocket sandwich. It’s meant to be microwaved only and it turned out really good! Here’s the beauty shots:

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